I love photography, and when I am able to capture that fleeting moment of perfect light during the blue hour or golden hour, it rocks my world ! I enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of those extraordinary perfect hours for photography and I am truly hopeful that I am able to convey that feeling to you in my work.

Lately I have been focusing on capturing the constantly changing light and and understanding how it makes or breaks a composition. Active research for a shoot, such as determining the exact timeframe for a sunrise or sunset, makes my life easier for capturing the soft light I so relish.Today's technology makes the research easier, but timing is still a great factor in getting the image I want so in-depth research is imperative.  After all - my images represent "how I see it" :Como Lo Veo

Please feel free to check out all of the galleries in this folder. For the large format gallery images I have selected images -  as not all images can qualify for this type of printing. If you see any images in any gallery at www.comoloveo.net that interests you, feel free in contacting me directly to inquire about their availability.

When contacting me, please make note of the image code (ic)  of each image you wish to purchase or already have in your collection and need information about. The code facilitates identification.

Please be advised that shipping and handling are not included in the prices!

All images are copyrighted © Como Lo Veo 1997 - 2015

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