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    Known for his strong-contrast black-and-white images, Jim Haas is now more focused on exploiting light, strong composition, and contrast in color photography. For many years, he worked exclusively in black-and-while film: “When I looked through my viewfinder,” Jim recalls, “I only saw black and white, contrast and brightness, but no color.”

    In 2014 Jim began studying studio lighting techniques, helping him appreciate the importance in any photograph, indoor or outdoor, of correct lighting. Says Jim, “Correct lighting brings a photograph to life, generating shadows and silhouettes, reflections and glare.”

    Formerly a Nikon advocate, Jim in 2015 realized the limitations of heavier DSLR systems and began

researching alternatives. “The research didn’t last long,” says Jim, “once I was introduced to the Fujifilm X-T1.”

    Now, with the newer and improved X-T2, Jim has greater ability to photograph stimulating landscapes, principally of America’s Southwest. His photography shoots begin with research on environmental conditions, including weather, moon phases, and sunset/sunrise times, making his images more dramatic and invigorating.

    Jim’s Como Lo Veo (“How I See It”) Web site lets him share his expanding portfolio with the world and offers you an opportunity to add his limited-edition photographic artwork to your collection.

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